Container Transport

Hakika Transport Services offers transport of empty containers from its depots to the port and the vice versa via tractors. The company owns a fleet of 90 tractors used in shunting the containers, 20 of which are stationed at the port of Mombasa. In addition to tractors Hakika owns a fleet of 120 trucks that complements its operations.

Empty Container Evacuation: Additionally, Hakika Transport Services provides transportation of empty containers that have arrived via the SGR to the designated depots. Shipping lines are well pleased with HakikaTransport Service’s promptness in completing the orders thus aiding in meeting their KPIs Further, the company provides transportation of laden containers from clients warehouse to the Kenya Ports Authority terminal export block.

Besides transportation of containers, Hakika Transport Services also offers transportation of steel rods, coils and billets from the port of Mombasa to a yard situated 2.2 km next to Changamwe Roundabout. With the close proximity to the port of Mombasa, Hakika is able to shunt clients cargoes out of the port within a short period. This enables clients reduce costs as far as port dues are concerned.

Other than steel products, Hakika also transports the following cargo for clients using its trucks:

• Bagged Grains
• Bulk Clinker
• Bulk Limestone
• Import and Export Containers