For many shipping companies, Hakika serves as the Kenyan empty container collection point thanks to its four container depots and high-quality service.  Hakika Transport Services takes a customer focused approach in all its activities.

To this end, the company’s foundation is based on four important values:
• Professionalism
• Technology and Innovation
• Superior Customer Service
• Affordability

Hakika Transport Services offers turnkey end to end solutions to its clients as far as container storage, repairs and maintenance and transportation is concerned. The company has 1,006 employees of which 900 are depot operations/transport employees and 106 are security employees. The depots operate 24 hours a day and 363 days a year. Hakika does not operate on Christmas day and Labour Day. The yards are installed with light towers to increase visibility for night vision and enhance security

Company Overview

At Hakika, the four container depots offer more than 16 hectares i.e. Approximately 40 acres of storage space in total. Apart from storing empty containers, the container depots also provide containerrelated services, from logistics and inspection to cleaning and repair. The wide range of container depots, the favourable price-quality ratio of the service, and the excellent connections make Hakika the perfect hub for empty containers in East Africa. Hakika’s four depots can handle over 18,000 TEUs. The depots are all covered with paving

Hakika is the market leader in Kenya in empty container storage, commanding a sizeable market share. In the last five years (2013 to 2017), the company has handled over 1.7 million TEUs.

Hakika takes pride in offering superior services to its esteemed clients by offering tailormade solutions to the clients’ needs. Hakika’s depots are situated at Jomvu which is 7.6 km away from the port of Mombasa on the Kipevu entrance (Gate No.18). Hakika’s depots are equipped with modern equipment and assets to ensure proper handling of clients’ containers.

The assets are owned by the company and include:

Yard 1: Three Side Loaders & Two Forklifts
Yard 2: Three Side Loaders
Yard 3: Three Side Loaders, One Forklift, & One Reach Stacker
At the Port: Three Reach Stackers

The management team is led by experienced professional managers armed with trained engineers managing depot operations. Technicians performing skilled tasks are well-trained from recognized institutions

Corporate Philosophies

VISION Statement

To be the market leader in the provision of highest level of safe and efficient local transportation solutions in the country and the trusted empty container depot of choice.

To be the market leader in the provision of highest level of safe and efficient local transportation solutions in the country and the trusted empty container depot of choice.

Mission Statement

To provide clients with superior customer services as far as container handling is concerned and efficient delivery of consignments at affordable rates.


  • Delivery of quality services.
  • Offering competitive rates.
  • Upholding a high degree of professionalism.


Favourable Price-Quality Ratio: Compared to its competition, Hakika offers competitive rates to its clients. Service Quality – Hakika is a trusted brand and a market leader in East Africa. Quality is strictly monitored and controlled by qualified inspectors who are duly certified by international bodies like IICL (Institute of international Container Lessors). In addition, the company yards are well equipped with modern equipment to ensure proper handling of clients’ property.

Personalized/Customized: Hakika offers customized tailor made solutions to different clients as different clients have different needs. With its customer-centric approach, Hakika strives to act as a one stop shop for client needs as far as empty container handling is concerned. In the depots, clients get dedicated zones for their containers. Hakika’s depots are securely guarded full time by own security team and an out sourced security company.

The depots have CCTV cameras installed to constantly monitor container movements and security. Sufficient flood-light towers have been installed at the yards to ensure there is adequate lighting during night operations as the facility operates on a 24 hour basis. Hakika Transport Services is fully insured and licensed by the Kenya’s Ministry of Transport. The insurance policies provide adequate cover for the clients’ containers while at the custody of Hakika Transport Services.

The company has invested in ICT systems to increase efficiency and promote transparency. With in-house computer systems, including EDI capabilities, activities such as container movements can also be promptly reported to each client as per their tailor made requirement. The company is in the process of acquiring ISO certification

Organizational Structure

Hakika has a strong management team managing over 1,000 employees. The managing team and founders have over 100 years of combined experience in the shipping and port industry.

Below is the organogram of the organization.

Historical Performance
Facts & Figures
Depot TEU Capacity
Market Share
Number of Yards
Tractors Owned
Yard's Total Acreage
Years in Operation
Trucks Owned
TEUS Handled in 2017
Handling Equipment at the Yard's
Shipping Line Clients Served in 2017
KM from the Port of Mombasa