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Appropriate equipment is used for container
repairs, high pressure water jet and steam cleaning machines are used in cleaning the empty containers.


Hakika Transport Services is one of the prevalent leading partners to major shipping lines for storage and maintenance of Reefer Containers.


Hakika’s depots are equipped with modern facilities, designed to provide uninterrupted service to the clients.


When shipping Less than Truck Load/ Less than Container Load, our clients have an option of sending their cargo as loose cargo.

Teus Handled in 2017
Years in Operation
Staff Employed
Handling Equipment

Hakika’s depots are equipped with modern facilities, designed to provide uninterrupted service to the clients.

Well trained  

The management team is led by experienced professional managers armed with trained engineers managing depot operations.


Hakika owns a fleet of 90 tractors used in shunting the containers, 20 of which are stationed at the port of Mombasa.


Tracking Freight

Hakika allocates designated storage areas for different shipping lines. The containers are arranged in a well-organized manner to facilitate quick tracing and retrieval and hence increases the depots efficiency. Hakika has four depots in Jomvu area which are all paver blocked and with a maximum capacity of over 18,000 TEUs. Out of its four yards, one yard is dedicated to FEU containers.

The depots are installed with CCTV cameras for constant safety and security monitoring. The storage of Empty Containers coupled with a setup of “Maintenance & Repairs” as per IICL standards, enables Hakika Transport Services to deliver the excellence in quality and service.

Company Overview

At Hakika, the four container depots offer more than 16 hectares i.e. Approximately 40 acres of storage space in total. Apart from storing empty containers, the container depots also provide containerrelated services, from logistics and inspection to cleaning and repair. The wide range of container depots, the favourable price-quality ratio of the service, and the excellent connections make Hakika the perfect hub for empty containers in East Africa.

Hakika’s four depots can handle over 18,000 TEUs. The depots are all covered with paving blocks.

Hakika is the market leader in Kenya in empty container storage, commanding a sizeable market share. In the last five years (2013 to 2017), the company has handled over 1.7 million TEUs.

Hakika takes pride in offering superior services to its esteemed clients by offering tailormade solutions to the clients’ needs.

Our Major Clients

Hakika Transport Services serves top global shipping lines and other well established companies in various industries. The fact that these brands have been doing business with Hakika Transport Services over the past decade or so is sufficient testimony of the trust and confidence they have placed in the company.