Hakika Transport Services provides storage of containers for both privately owned units and shipping line owned units. Hakika allocates designated storage areas for different shipping lines. The containers are arranged in a well-organized manner to facilitate quick tracing and retrieval and hence increases the depots efficiency. Hakika has four depots in Jomvu area which are all paver blocked and with a maximum capacity of over 18,000 TEUs.
Hakika Transport Services offers transport of empty containers from its depots to the port and the vice versa via tractors. The company owns a fleet of 90 tractors used in shunting the containers, 20 of which are stationed at the port of Mombasa. In addition to tractors Hakika owns a fleet of 120 trucks that complements its operations.Empty Container Evacuation: Additionally, Hakika Transport Services provides transportation of empty containers that have arrived via the SGR to the designated depots.
Hakika’s depots are equipped with modern facilities, designed to provide uninterrupted
service to the clients. Employees charged with handling duties are well trained to ensure optimal container handling. Pre-stacking: For swift loading operations, Hakika Transport Services provides pre-stacking of empty containers from depots to the pre-stacking area prior vessel arrival, and transportation from pre-stacking area to the vessel.
Appropriate equipment is used for container repairs, high pressure water jet and steam
cleaning machines are used in cleaning the empty containers. As and when Containers needs cleaning, our professionals will take care of all proper water wash, steam clean and chemical clean with proper materials to protect any damages to floorboards and panels.
Hakika Transport Services is one of the prevalent leading partners to major shipping lines for storage and maintenance of Reefer Containers. In addition, Hakika offers its clients pre-trip inspection (PTI) of reefer containers prior to shipping.
Shipper Aid: Besides reefers, Hakika Transport Services assists shipping lines’ clients in selecting and providing suitable normal units for shipping.
Major Clients